Olivia Martin January 12, 2020

Marsupials are mammals born not fully developed that live in their mothers pouch until matured enough to come out. The opossum is the only marsupial that lives in North America. The average adult opossum is 20-40 inches long, including 10-12 inches from the tail, and their weight can vary from 4-12 pounds. The snout of the opossum is long and pointed with 50 teeth inside! All of their toes except for the first toe on each hind foot have claws. The lack of these claws helps with grasping, like a thumb. Opossums are excellent climbers and use their tails to help them balance when doing so. One of their most famous tricks is playing dead. If they feel threatened and cannot climb a tree or hide it will play dead until they feel safe, this can last several minutes to a couple hours.

In the picture above this possum was indeed “playing possum”, it wasn’t until after I had put it down and it started to move did we realize it wasn’t dead yet.